Avatars on WhatsApp

Guess what? We're bringing a sprinkle of magic to your chats with our newest feature: Avatars!

Imagine having a mini-you that captures your essence, your style, and your quirks! This digital twin, crafted from a vast canvas of hairstyles, features, and outfits, lets you depict YOU without having to use your actual photo. So, whether you're all about that funky hairstyle or those stylish shades, we've got you covered.

Fancy saying hello with a wave or sending a virtual hug? Dive into our set of 36 custom stickers that capture a whirlwind of emotions and gestures.

For many of you, this might be your first avatar rodeo, but fret not! We're constantly refining, adding shades, textures, and tiny details to make your digital twin as fabulous as you are.

So, get ready to design, play, and share your own little masterpiece! We can't wait to see the new 'you' in chats. Rollout starts today, so keep your eyes peeled. Happy Avatar-ing!

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